About us

A multimedia communication partner stationed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We provide our local services for social venture companies and related businesses, who believe they can make a real difference in solving problematical cases in social and health matters, and community challenges as well. We also provide our services for startup/spin-off companies, with a strong focus on sustainable and environmental improvements in life today.


We are a full service media company equipped to handle local smb communication projects in the Benelux market. All out of region services upon request.


  • internal-external-national communication
  • logo design slogans taglines concepting
  • online content marketing pr and strategy
  • online publishing platforms and webshops
  • offline publishing theme books and artwork
  • network events fundraising development


Meeting office: Van Eeghenlaan 27, 1071 EN Amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: 61265551

Greenline Networks T 0031 (0)6 15 181 181 

 VAT nr: NL854276245B01